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The place to buy and sell drawings, paintings, banners, logos, and quality hand-crafted items conveniently from your computer.


To Order, you can fill out the information below with your attached photograph.  OR, you can e-mail the  Artists To sell your Arts or Crafts, e-mail Cool Creations
Please provide the following information:  A 20% deposit is required to the address below. Note: We are not accepting credit cards at this time.

Please use PayPal, for your transactions. Pay to

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Please verify that your information is correct before pressing the "Submit Button", if your information is not correct press the "Reset Button" and start over.

Please press the "Submit Button" only once.

I must warn you that you will be sending information over the Internet and that hackers may be able to intercept this transmission, while it is not likely, it is still possible. If you don't feel comfortable sending your credit card information over the net there are a few options that you can use as an alternative.

Option 1: Fill out all of the information on the form but leave out your credit card number, be sure to fill in the credit card type and expiration date then send an e-mail to Artists with your "First Name", "Last Name", and credit card number. We will handle the rest.

Option 2: Fill out the form completely, print it out, then "Reset" the form. Fax the printed form to 517-872-5098 to the attention of the Artists

Option 3: Send a Money Order in U.S. funds made out to D.M.R. to the following address:
                         P.O. Box 312
                        Caro, MI 48729

To purchase a gift certificate, remit the total amount for your gift. When a gift certificate is redeemed, the order will be shipped directly to the address of the recipient at no extra cost. Gift certificates must be redeemed within 6 months.

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